Perverse embededness

Freuler: My concern is, with this tech system, if we embed these interpretations of what is valuable across the board into all these countries, it's going to be really difficult to then untangle this machine, right. When people think about super-intelligence and AI, they're always saying, "we need to make sure that there is a kill switch, so that if this super intelligent machine gets out of control, we can pull the kill switch." That's not how technology works, right, it gets embedded into society to the extent that there is no kill switch, because it's socially embedded. The problem with fossil fuels is not that there is a machine that stops us from getting rid of fossil fuels, it's that our whole economic system is based on fossil fuels, and so, we could from one day to another say, like, nobody uses any more fossil fuels, but the whole system collapse because we have become dependent on it.


Perversely, as we've worked hard at dis-embedding people from land and community, other entanglements and embeddings have wound their way into the social fabric...

(Too much Terminator, not enough looking in the mirror.)


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