The critical force of disillusioned believers

The most dangerous forms of radicalism could come from not the most disadvantaged groups in society—for whom "the system" has never worked, who never bought into dominant ideologies in the first place, who accept dysfunctions as just the way the world works—but from those who formerly bought into its ideologies but have become newly disaffected. After having performed the self-sacrifice and exercised the self-discipline demanded, only to find that the promised land didn't exist, elicits a sense of betrayal and a form of critique that undercuts the very fundaments of the dominant ideology's claim to power. dom-art-resistch. 4

i.e. As to the question of whether workers should be reading Marx in this day and age? Perhaps not, since most never bought into the dominant ideology in the first place, don't still need to have the hypocrisies of the system spelled out for them, and hence won't be that much more motivated to act against it, being already pragmatically "resigned to their fate" in that sense (e.g. the study of working class secondary school students in England via Paul Willis).


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