Harder Better Faster Stronger?

What some declaim as population control and infringement of individual liberty, I'd like to reclaim as de-propagandisation. Go forth and multiply, in all likelihood, was a state imperative, an imposition on women and the first means of enslavement: go forth and multiply, so that we might fill our granaries, swell the ranks of our troops, and outnumber our enemies. Harder, better, faster, stronger, so that we can pitch ever larger and more devastating warfare. They say that men must undo by warfare the mistakes done by women in over-populating the Earth, that what women grow, men must cull, to "keep the balance". But anthropologists point to nomadic women practising birth control of their own accord citation-needed rather than drag the inopportune child around as a burden; animals are known to eat their young under conditions of scarcity rather than raise them in futility: so who exactly is it, compelling the multiplication of the numbers of man, the woman who is seen to bring life (even as it takes two hands to clap), or the state and its institutions that demand and fetishize life?


Where are we rushing to? We'll go 'round the Sun another 5 billion times before it runs out of hydrogen to fuse, and who knows when the heat death of this universe might eventually arrive? Plenty of time to plot our technological escape from entropy.

Rushing now can very likely mean the end of all being on Earth. Rushing now would be a headlong rush to the end. The only rush there really is, is the rush towards death of the greedy and the powerful, the rush to exploit and extract and possess all they can before their time on this Earth ticks up. There is no rush for the human being, only a rush for the doomed and dying.


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