The Asylum of the Infinite

All this insistence on littleness offends out global unifiers to whom everything bigger is greater. But since the road of bigness has no end, and since the unifiers can never find a greatest element beyond which mass ceases to accumulate, they cannot arrive anywhere except in the asylum of the infinite.

breakdown-of-nationsp. 170

Unable to enjoy a moment’s peace, they are for ever driven to project their present trouble into the future and then to anticipate the future miseries to make their present doubly sour, conjuring dangers as yet unborn, but suffering from their vision already now. They try to solve the problems of all future generations while dying from their inability to solve their own.

breakdown-of-nationsp. 170

"Infinite growth on a finite planet"

Homo sapiens as a cancer upon the Earth (loss of contact inhibition, etc.)

See also "Development and the People’s Immune System: The Story of Another Variety of AIDS" in post-dev-reader


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