On Anti-Trust

So our legislators have never ceased studying the question of how to cut down their size. But the simplest method, instead of enacting futile prohibitions, would have been to establish the small-state or federal principle, which has succeeded so superbly politically, also economically. With all economic power of a private nature, and serving private purposes, ending at the state boundaries, the monster of size would vanish by itself.

breakdown-of-nationsp. 78

Kohr: limit corporations to within state boundaries

Indeed, there is no misery on earth that cannot be successfully handled on a small scale as, conversely, there is no misery on earth that can be handled at all except on a small scale. In vastness, everything crumbles, even the good, because, as will increasingly become evident, the world’s one and only problem is not wickedness but bigness; and not the thing that is big, whatever it may be, but bigness itself. [...] Yet all our collectivized and collectivizing efforts seem to be directed towards this one fantastic goal-unification. Which, of course, is a solution, too. The solution of spontaneous collapse.

breakdown-of-nationsp. 79


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